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Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), located in Roswell, New Mexico, is the only state-supported, co-educational, military boarding school in the United States. NMMI offers a college preparatory, four-year high school and a two-year junior college.
One of only six military junior colleges in the U.S., New Mexico Military Institute’s organization and architecture is based on Virginia Military Institute. The campus encompasses 40 acres of land, including an 18-hole golf course.
Students at NMMI are referred to as “cadets” and the school averages 975 cadets, 95 percent of whom go on to four-year universities. At any time, cadets represent almost every state in the U.S. and a dozen foreign countries.
The Corps of Cadets at New Mexico Military Institute has its own chain of command, responsible to the Commandant of Cadets and his staff. All cadets live under an honor system and are expected to meet the highest values of personal integrity. The honor code states that no cadet will “Lie, Cheat or Steal or Tolerate Those Who Do.” Cadets are required to defend and enforce the honor system.
More than one-third of the college students are seeking an Army Commission. Annually, via a two-year Early Commissioning Program (ECP), the school commissions about 35 cadets as US Army 2nd Lieutenants.
New Mexico Military Institute offers an all-inclusive liberal arts curriculum. An Associate in Arts degree requires sixty-eight hours of coursework. A cadet may choose to concentrate in a particular area while pursuing an Associate of Arts degree.
Areas of concentration include:
  • Humanities
  • Math and science
  • Social sciences/business
  • Physical education/recreationThese agreements allow students, who successfully completed selected courses, to enroll in training programs at the community college, without having to repeat previously covered materials.
    The community college ranked #1 in the CNN Money listing of community colleges in 2012


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