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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Based on their proven levels of excellence, all of these community colleges have earned the privilege of your consideration.
Still not sure which one to pick? Here are five tips for choosing the best community college for you:

1. Does the community college have an honors program? What are the academic requirements? Would you qualify? Getting accepted into the honors programs at a community college will afford you additional opportunities and increase your chances for successful graduation and transfer.

2. Do you plan to transfer to a four-year college or university? If so, call a few of the places you hope to attend and find out how they perceive the community colleges on your list and which colleges accept the most transfers from those community colleges. Ask about any guaranteed transfers and “articulation agreements” that may be in place.

3. Inquire about the specific academic program you are interested in and compare the completion rates of that program to the overall rates of the college. If there is a notable gap between the two rates, ask why.

4. For optimal learning, do you prefer a small campus with special counseling/coaching or a larger campus with an expansive array of course options and educational opportunities? If needed, ask about remedial courses and other support resources. Compare the colleges on your short list to your personal needs.

5. Research and compare the stats on the schools you are most interested in: the college’s graduation rate,
transfer rate, “success” rankings based on various surveys.


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